I started out trail riding on my Honda SL125 in 1975. It was a lot of fun. Here's the bike in action.

Honda SL125 in the air

I progressed through various Yamaha RD350's and a very dodgy Honda CB100 till I ended up in Singapore. While there I bought a number of bikes. A Honda CB350, the early twin with a drum brake, an Italian 250cc single that I got in bits and never ran, a Suzuki GP100 that was modded into a racebike, a Matchless G3 that never ran, and a Kawasaki Z500B1.

Kawasaki Z500 in the air

After returning from Singapore I sold the Z500 and went through a series of bikes.

Suzuki GP100 racer

I have competed in Enduro, Road racing, and observed trials. The most fun was road racing. Once I lapped Manfield in under 90 seconds on a showroom stock Honda GB400.

Circuits I have raced on

Major white knuckle moments