South Island Regionals 2004

I flew in the South Island Regionals with Chris Streat. Chris is new to gliding, with around 100 hours, but has been flying hang gliders in the mountains for over 20 years. We got marginal weather, with only four contest days out of nine. Chris had a nice little digital camera along, and took a few snaps.

The lindus ridge. I think this was the first day. Not much headroom between the ridge and the cloud.

That's snow showers on the ridge. We did a 263km task this day.

On day two we had a nice 311km task. Chris was impressed with my method of getting from the first turn at Tarras to Falls Dam. I turned downwind and ran to the Dunstans, which weren't working, so I keep going over the back of the range and down a gulley. Chris had a handheld GPS and liked the 185kph groundspeed as I tried to punch through the sink and get into the lift out in the valley. He took this photo just before we found lift. Looking at the panel I see airspeed 120knots, going down at -12knots, and 4,250ft above sea level. Ground is over 1000ft there.

We hit the lift and I start smiling.

Vario is pegged now, showing 11 knots.

Now we're hot and high, 9,500ft and going up at 17knots. Time to look for the next turnpoint. We just ran the wave from here. No turning needed. Maybe 5 minutes between 4,000 and 9,500ft.

This is up near Two Thumbs heading in to get the turn on day two.

On day four we had a AAT. The day wasn't great and we had a hard time getting going. I couldn't get exited about these conditions so Chris did most of the work. We just nicked the southern area and headed north. Conditions became better so we kept going and had a nice scenic up past Mt Cook.

Just by Mt Cook.

Another beside Mt Cook.

Coming home late in the day. The lenticular had a lacy bottom edge.