Gliding Competitions

My results so far:

1994 Central Districts Club Class at Waipukarua

Second place. Getting around your first task is almost as big a buzz as your first solo. Won 2 days out of the 3 I flew. Shared the glider (ZK-GAN) with Russell Richardson.

1994 Auckland Regional Gliding Championship at Matamata

Second place. Won days 2, 3, and 5 flying ZK-GAN.

1995 Club Class Nationals at Matamata

Fifth place? I had a bad contest, damaged ZK-GAN in a landout and took a few days to get back into the groove.

1995 Matamata Soaring Centre Contest at Matamata

Fifth place? Another lousy contest. Landed back all but one day, landed out on that one. My first contest in ZK-GEH.

1996/97 Club Class Nationals / Central Districts at Masterton

Fourth in the contest. Won day 2. Finally getting a good performance in ZK-GEH.

1998/99 Sports Class Nationals/ Central Districts at Masterton

Third in the contest. Won days 6, 7, and 8.

1999 South Island Regional Contest

Flew in Club Class in a hired Libelle. Only got two scoring days due to bad weather, so there was no contest.

2003 South Island Regional Contest

Flew in the Standard Performance Class in the DG1000 with Bo in back. Got absolutely caned. Weather wasn't great, and I didn't go far outside the Omarama Basin except for a run down to Cromwell.

2004 South Island Regional Contest

Third in the Standard Performance Class in the DG1000 with Chris Streat in back. Only four tasks. Best day was 311Km at 127kph on day two.

2006 South Island Regional Contest

Flew the OGC Duo with Peter Robinson in the Open Class. Had some nice flights, but the weather wasn't great and we didn't place well.

2012 Club Class National Championship at Omarama

Flew my Hornet, ZK-GOL. Managed OK on the strong days, but each thermal day I found a hole to fall in to and slow me down. The contest was close all the way through with all places up in the air until the last competitor handed over the flight log to the scorer on the last day. Fourth overall with two second places on fast days.