Curriculum Vitae - Philip Plane

Unix Systems Administrator


Philip is a Unix Systems Administrator. This entails a wide variety of skills and requires flexibility and adaptability.

A Systems Administrator is normally a privileged position. A Systems Administrator can read your email. A professional Systems Administrator will not. Philip strives to be a professional.

The Internet and Internet technologies are increasingly important. Philip has a working knowledge of most of the important technologies, and has configured, installed, and maintained:

Experienced with many Unix operating systems (In rough order of familiarity):

Solaris 2.xDaily use since 1993Advanced
LinuxOccasional use since 1996, daily since 2003Advanced
BSDDaily use since 1997Advanced
AIXDaily use 2001-2003, occasional 2003-2004Intermediate
Compaq Tru64 (Digital Unix)Occasional use 1994-1996, 2000, and 2004Intermediate
HP-UXDaily use 1997-2000, occasional 2003-2005Intermediate

Historically have also used:

SunOS 4.xDaily use 1993-1999Advanced
SCO OpenServerDaily use 2001-2002Intermediate
IrixOccasional use 1994-1999Intermediate
DG/UXOccasional use 1994-1996Intermediate
XenixDaily use 1987-1991Intermediate

Advanced level means familiar with configuration of system to install, configure, tune, etc. Intermediate level means would need vendor support or time with manuals to do advanced work, but familiar with day to day operation.

Experience with different configurations:

Installation and configuration of different software, including prepackaged software and building from source:

Familiar with programming in:

Have previously used:

Work History

Katipo Communications

June 2005 to current

Unix Systems Administrator

Mainly supporting Linux infrastructure.

Katipo are a web and software development company, so much of the work is Apache configuration for virtual hosting, system installs, installation and configuration of web applications, and general sysadmin. Xen is used to provide multiple virtual systems for test and development.

Katipo provide some Unix support for customers, including Citylink. Philip assembles routers for CafeNet, installs Linux on Compact Flash, installs and configures the CafeNet application on the router/gateway.


October 2002 to December 2004

Unix Systems Administrator

Mainly supporting Linux infrastructure, DNS, email, webservers, with an emphasis on security. Also some Solaris, network management, security audits.

Primarily responsible for the security and management of Internet facing systems. Mostly Linux, with some Solaris.

Provide support for clients with AIX, Digital Unix, and HPUX.

Services supported include

Projects include

Duty Free Stores

February 2001 to October 2002

IT Manager

Manage the nationwide network, the application servers, the point of sale systems, and the office computers and telephone systems.

The main application server is on RS/6000 AIX. One store has a local server on Linux.

Some completed projects:


February 2000 to February 2001

Systems Integrator.

CyberElves were a web software development company, mostly working on large sites overseas. Most of their work was in database backed web site development.

Te Papa

October 1997 to February 2000.

Employed as the Unix Systems Administrator at Te Papa Tongarewa - The Museum of New Zealand.

Duties include:

Inland Revenue Department

September 1996 to October 1997

Senior Systems Administrator

Part of the Unix Network Services group

Duties include:

Massey University

March 1991 to September 1996

Computer Consultant

Part of the Faculty of Information and Mathematical Science's Computer Support Staff. The Faculty had 9 Support Staff, the supervisor, 7 consultants and a hardware technician. Consultants had an area of specialty, and also provided cover in other areas.

Specialised in Unix systems and networks from 1992. Provided Macintosh support before 1992. Provided cover in Netware, Macintosh and PC support.

Duties included:

Wanganui Polytech

1985 to March 1991

Various positions, mainly Computer Technician.

Worked as Computer Tutor, Computer Technician and Computer Services Manager.

Supported a wide range of computers including:

Education & Training

Courses, Certificates etc.